Backup rollers for tensioning machines for a better metal sheet quality

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Released on 06 July 2022

For the steel sector Unitec includes, among other solutions, the backup rollers for tensioning machines, which will be viewable at the next Euroblech fair in Hannover, from 23 rd to 26 th October, at stand D51, pav. 15. Unitec will present its solutions together with Uniroll company, a trusted partner for the steel and aluminum leveling sector in several European countries. Unitec is the Italian company specialized in the production of customized bearings with cylindrical rollers and in the supply of high precision solutions for machine tools and for the general industry. Unitec reliability is born from decades of experience in developing applications for the machine tool and for the general industry that allowed her to build a solid, constantly evolving know-how. Attention to costs&benefits, constant innovation, continuous research on new products and careful selection of the raw materials: these are the others characteristics that, along with systems of strict quality, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, make Unitec respond to the market customization requests, more and more specifics. Unitec italian quality is largely appreciated abroad, where it has a consolidated presence with an international distribution network and a direct presence in Germany: ITM-Unitec GmbH , which has the task of distributing on the german market the range of special cylindrical roller bearings from Unitec.

Backup rollers for tensioning machines, when quality starts from productive choices

The function of the backup rollers in a tensioning machine is essential to support and limit the movement of the rollers that could cause defects in the sheet metal and, consequently, difficulties in the successive works with an inevitable production slowdown. Well aware of the importance of this processing phase, Unitec uses high purity quality steel for the production of its rollers for levelling machines, with or without pin. In this way, in addition to increasing the bearing life, it can ensure that the finished product will be free from imperfections caused by the same rollers. The effectiveness of the production process of UNITEC also takes on particular importance in the case of flat products in stainless steel, aluminum and copper, for which the surface finishing represents a fundamental characteristic of the product. Another issue in the processing of the sheet is caused by machine stops due to not scheduled maintenance interventions. Also in this case the fallout on the production cycle is immediate, with delays that impact the production itself. To give a concrete answer to the problem, Unitec has implemented technological solutions in the production phase of its rollers which have the objective of improving the performance and the useful life of the bearing and consequently extending the maintenance time. Among these we mention the rolling elements with a logarithmic profile, useful to better distribute the hertzian pressures between rolling element and rolling track. The realization of the pins in special steels improves the toughness of the shaft and avoids possible fatigue failures that are very common in this type of application.

Again in order to improve the bearing behavior and extend its life, UNITEC has also adopted axial containment with a cylindrical roller cage. The company uses FEY lamellar segments – a product distributed by Mondial Group, parent company of Unitec – able to work with high temperatures and reduce rolling torques, guaranteeing a very high efficiency throughout the life of the bearing. For the purpose of lengthening the maintenance intervals, a lubrication circuit inside the bearing is specifically designed to guarantee the lubrication of all the axial and radial rolling bodies. The camber of the outer mantle concludes this overview of the specificity of Unitec rollers; this solution was adopted to recover possible misalignments of the machine supports. Unitec supplies the rollers in radial or axial version. Moreover, depending on the type of application, the company can supply, on request, also seals in metal or synthetic material.

Qualified support for every requirements

Identifying which product can give the best benefits to an application, may not be immediate. In choosing a solution different variables come into play: on one hand the peculiarities of the application and, on the other, the type of bearing. This is why Mondial / Unitec technical office works in close cooperation with the client company’s designers to analyze the features of the application and to evaluate the customers’ requests, providing the most appropriate technical solution.


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