Marble and stone processing

In the phases of the marble and stone transformation process, the requirements of robustness and resistance to contamination are fundamental, while quality products allow for maximum reliability during the processing of noble materials.

UNITEC is present in the sector as a reliable partner with which to develop the best solutions.

The special bearings used in this sector must be able to overcome the problems caused by the extremely aggressive work environment due to the presence of erosive dust as well as extremely high loads and shocks.

The special bearings designed and produced by UNITEC are used for example in multi-wire machines for cutting marble blocks, in squaring machines as well as in 5-axis machining centers.

During each processing phase, reliability and precision become fundamental, the UNITEC bearing is designed to guarantee this request.

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Customized solutions

Customized solutions

We produce custom-made solutions best suited for your application starting from the choice of steel.

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