Textile industry

The textile sector requires ever higher operating specifications, the machines built by our customers must achieve increasing productivity targets to meet the demands of a continuously growing market on a global level.

An eye to the sustainability of the sector is important, which is why UNITEC makes its application know-how available to find the right solution for every need.

UNITEC, traditionally present in the textile sector, develops different types of bearings with more or less high levels of customization in order to meet the performances required in terms of duration and load capacity, reduced noise, higher rotation speeds without omit to consider the simplification of assembly and management in order to reduce the total costs of the project.

Appropriate surface treatments can ensure further improvements in terms of resistance to contaminants or poor lubrication.

The main manufacturers of machinery for the sector turn to UNITEC to find the right partner with whom to develop their projects, some examples can be air looms, rapier looms, machines for hosiery and needle punching machines.

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Customized solutions

Customized solutions

We produce custom-made solutions best suited for your application starting from the choice of steel.

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