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Released on 06 July 2022

The backup rolls of UNITEC, Society of the Mondial Group, has been choose by Salico S.p.A. for an important new order in Germany:

A new leveller machine and Multiblanking cutting line which will work steel coils of 30 tons weight.

In order to satisfy Salico’s need, UNITEC has developed and constructed a customized backup roll which is able to support the heavy loads present on this new machine.
The new leveller machine of Salico will be able to work high-strengths steel strips large 1.650mm, with a thickness range from 0.9 to 5.0mm and a total length that can reach the 6.000mm.
When the coil enter on the machine the total weight is 30 tons and UNITEC backup rolls are able to support the cylinders work during the levelling ensuring stability, alignment and uniformity of pressure.

The high stresses of this production process impact in particular on the backup rolls that must to work constantly under the pressure of heavy loads and in a dirty environment. As components subject to wear, the backup rolls must to have the correct features.
Their resistance and efficiency are very important to guarantee:

  • the best life cycle,
  • the correct support for the heavy loads
  • The machining quality.

The high quality backup rolls helps the job of the cylinders in the improvement of the planarity and the quality of the plates finishing process.
It will also allow the control of the strong pressures on the contrast roller in order to ensure the constancy of the best levelling performance, also with the presence of high-strengths steel with higher thickness.

The backup rolls have a key rule during the levelling process: that’s why choose it aiming to the best quality will allow to improve the scale economies and to reduce the TCO ( Total amount of production costs); The quality of Unitec backuo rolls allow to break down substantially the management costs of the plant

This aspects are particularly rewarding for the end user of the machine who is able to optimize the machine stops and increase the time intervals between each ordinary maintenance.

UNITEC, an important reality of Mondial Group, is the reference leader for the production of back-up rolls. For its experience and for its significant innovative vocation, it represents the state of the art, guiding the evolution of this market for decades, from the beginning with track rollers, passing through the evolution of the back-up rollers with shaft, up to the latest application technologies.

The highly specialized UNITEC technical department works side by side with the R&D department of the most important OEM manufacturers to provide the best punctual solutions.

The German market, where the bearings are distributed through the subsidiary ITM-Unitec, recognize the quality, reliability and undisputed prestige for Unitec brand products, becoming the main outlet market.

The plus of UNITEC bearings is the peculiar quality, thanks to:

  • the Made in Italy production
  • the high-cleanness steel
  • the efficiency of the sealing system
  • the attention to detail and the high level of internal construction of the product
  • the optimization of lubrication.


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